The Fantastic Four!

At the end of this week we were lucky enough to see the fourth hatchling at Manton Bay!
Although the last two are slightly smaller than the earlier born they all seem to be
doing well.

Our volunteers, Anna and Linda informed me today Maya has been tearing off fish to feed
them every 5 – 10 minutes! 33 has been on top-form replenishing fish stocks on the nest
and has recently brought a roach in this afternoon. As a result of these two brilliant
parents doing a grand job the chicks look well and are strong enough to sit up as well
as beg for food from their attentive parents!

We have previously had four eggs laid at Rutland Water in 2017 but have yet to have four
chicks fledge, all our fingers and toes are crossed for these four this season.

One response to “The Fantastic Four!”

  1. Lin

    This is all so wonderful – four chicks thriving xxxx
    Just wondering if there is any particular method in Maya (or indeed 33) choosing which one to feed next with regard to size/weight? Excuse my ignorance