The feather on the lens

The mystery of the dysfunctional live camera was partly solved today when we noticed a fault and fixed it. The camera came on and we all got excited, but the sight we were greeted with was this:

The feather on the lens!

The view from the live camera today


Even if the Ospreys had been on the nest, we wouldn’t have seen much of them! As it was, the fault we fixed wasn’t the fault that mattered, and the camera ceased to work after about an hour. We have a new part currently on its way to us, which will hopefully sort matters out permanently.

You may recall that recently we have seen a lot of unidentified intruding Ospreys in the area. We thought it was highly possible that one or more of these could be 2012-fledged birds back for the first time. We can now confirm that we definitely do have at least one other youngster back with us! Unfortunately we have not been able to determine her identity, at least not yet. However, we know that she is a female, and based on her underwing patterns she is not one of our current breeding females. She does sport a blue leg-ring. She could be one of four individuals, as there were four female fledglings in 2012.

We know that 8F(12), who was spotted in Manton Bay on 15th May, is currently in the area, as he was seen last week at Eyebrook Reservoir, a few miles south of Rutland Water. We are hopeful that we will be able to get a positive ID on the new female soon, and also possibly acquire evidence of more youngsters in the area!