The final countdown

Yesterday was the final work party of 2015! Our team of dedicated volunteers turned out in their dozens to finish off the section of Willow coppicing we began two weeks ago. There was still a lot of work to be done before the task was complete, but complete it we did! Chainsaws purred, felling the larger trees, bowsaws and loppers cut and chopped, the fire crackled and popped, and logs were stacked up, until it was all done.

IMG_1193IMG_1184 IMG_1189 IMG_1180IMG_1199IMG_1200

What a difference all the hard work has made! You can see from the photographs that the area is now significantly clearer and brighter, with much more space.


Of course, after all the hard work was done, there was Paul’s fantastic soup, Jan’s amazing cakes and some excellent mince pies from Helen, helping to get everyone into the festive spirit. Paul had also provided some home-made sloe gin, which went down very well!

IMG_1203 IMG_1205 IMG_1206 IMG_1207

Work parties will now cease for the duration of the Osprey team’s trip to Africa, and will resume upon our return in February.

Thank you so very much to everyone for all of your hard work, both yesterday and on every work party since October. You are all amazing!




3 responses to “The final countdown”

  1. Mike Simmonds

    Thank you Kayleigh and thanks to all who have contributed to this transformation. I see Tim M is looking quite relaxed !!.

  2. Helen Hall

    Thank you Kayleigh and everyone for keeping us so well informed throughout the season. I hope you all have a good trip to Africa and come back refreshed for a new season.

    Happy Christmas to you all

  3. Helen Hall

    I forgot to thank you for showing us round the new centre. It looks good and will make a real difference to the work you all do.