The Final Countdown

Today marks the 30th day from when the first egg was laid in Manton Bay, this means that we are very close to our hatching date. Maya laid her first egg on the 28th March, there were then three days between each subsequent egg; Osprey typically incubate eggs for around 35-37 days, which means that we should expect to see eggs in the next couple of weeks.  During the last 30 days the weather has been extremely changeable, we have gone from cold, rainy days, barely reaching double figures on the thermometer, to blazing sunshine, reaching well over 20oC, and we now seem to have swung back to the former. These dramatic climatic changes have not made it easy for the Manton Bay ospreys; nonetheless, they have remained diligent parents. Usually male ospreys are only expected to undertake 20-35{aebb832937d1885646bba593f8f1074bbe61a552c8a5f5d60514d6f049ed1f58} of the incubation. However, I expect 33’s percentage will be much higher, with Maya having to push him off the egg’s most of the time.

33 is still bringing in plenty of fish for Maya, soon he’ll be taking the whole fish to the nest allowing Maya to take it off him and feed the chicks.


Whenever they get a chance the pair is adding to the nest, in preparation for the new arrivals.

Maya is always keeping an eye on the eggs. 

Maya at sunrise today