The pitter patter of tiny zygodactylic feet…

This morning was a wet and dark start to the day, with Maya looking very wet while incubating the eggs!

33 brought a small fish to the nest this morning

33 brought a small fish to the nest this morning

Maya was looking very fidgety, getting up and down and rearranging the eggs all morning. Could it be that she could feel some movement?


At approximately 11.30am Maya stood up and 33 appeared back on the nest, initially looking like he was going to incubate for a while. He knew something was happening however and stared at the egg as a crack started to appear, and shortly after the first chick hatched! Check out the action in the clip below….

We are so thrilled to see the first chick of 2017, and just a day after one of 33 and Maya’s first chicks together returned home to Rutland Water! Now begins the countdown for the remaining three….

15 responses to “The pitter patter of tiny zygodactylic feet…”

  1. Adrian Arnold

    That’s terrifc news Sarah and what a thrill to be able to watch it happen. Looking forward to my duty next Tuesday and hopefully more good news

  2. Jenny Still

    I know we always say it but that was amazing. And wonderful to know one of their first chicks has arrived back – hope it’s a female and stays! Thanks for the pics. Jenny

  3. Michael Tennant Grundy

    Brilliant news ! Fingers crossed now for the other three.

  4. Christine Hines

    Lovely news, for Maya and 33,hope the other three eggs break soon.

  5. Christine Haines

    Lovely news today for Maya and 33, do hope the other three eggs, break and crack open soon.

  6. Judy HIGGINS

    Congratulations to all at Manton Bay who watch over these beautiful birds and who make it possible for the rest of us to share such amazing moments as these. Thank you

  7. Sue Warner

    That’s wonderful news Sarah and great to share it on film. Looking forward to our next monitoring shift. Exciting times. Sue & Carl

  8. Julia

    Fantastic news so happy for everyone. can’t wait to see the lovely osprey in Aug .

  9. jim

    was watching it all what a fantastic experience. only three to go.!!!!!

  10. Dee Brigstock

    I was so pleased to see this. Congratulations to all!

  11. Michael G. Martin

    To Everyone at Rutland and especially Maya and 33
    Congratulations on the Blessed Event. I’ve been on pins and needles the last few days awaiting the birth of the first othe first of four chicks to Maya and 33’s ever growing Family.
    I’ve been following the NestCam for the past few years. And it never ceases to bring a smile to my face seeing the birth and then seeing the chicks grow into fledgling. Mays and 33 are exceptional Parents and will have no problems providing for their Brood.
    I’m watching the NestCam from across The Pond on The Eastern Tip of the North Fork of Long Island in New York State. Over on our side of the Pond we are also expecting our first of Three Chicks that are about to be born to Our Own Osprey Family. Our Mum and Da are Gracie and George. This is their Third Brood together and hopefully many more to come.
    So, Congratulations To All the Experts, Volunteers, Ambassadors and Ospreyphiles one and All.

    So, If you’re looking for Godparents, My Wife Caroline and Myself are available, and we’ll even come over for the Baptism.

    Mike and Caroline Martin

  12. Geoff Lloyd

    Great news! We’ve been following the updates every night, when back in from work and it was lovely to see todays fantastic update. Fingers crossed for number 2, 3 and 4!! Well done everyone involved for the hard work in keeping us all updated; your efforts are really appreciated.

  13. Dee Brigstock

    Two chicks now 11.08 am

  14. Andy, London

    Bobblehead ahoy! That was brilliant, the way 33 was there looking on as proud father. Congratulations indeed for the efforts of all, whose work has given us the privilege of seeing such a wonderful thing.

  15. Rebecca Denny

    Thank you for the clips as I missed the hatchings live. Congratulations all at RW and Maya and 33 too of course.