The first egg!

Great news this evening. At 5:30 this evening the Manton Bay female began looking noticeably broody in the nest. It’s almost two weeks since 5R returned and so we thought an egg might be imminent. Sure enough at 5:57 she stood up to reveal this…

Having laid the first egg, we’ll expect her to lay another two – probably on Friday and Sunday respectively. Keep watching the webcam!

The Manton Bay female with her newly-laid egg

3 responses to “The first egg!”

  1. Chris and Deb Winton

    Wow! Watching live – an egg! How exciting! Congrats!

  2. Anni Feeney

    This is soooo exciting !!!! I feel so fortunate to have gotten to see this live !!!! Congratulations !!!!

  3. Mike Simmonds

    Great news for you all.