The holy trinity!

It seems very fitting that, with the Easter holidays not too far away, Maya has been getting busy producing her beautiful eggs and incubating them in all sorts of weather! This morning, we tried to analyse the footage from the nest to see if she had laid her third egg, and we were rewarded at 11am as 33, who was incubating at the time, shuffled around and revealed three eggs underneath him! We are all very excited by the new arrival and cannot wait to watch them hatch and grow as the season progresses!

You can follow the incubation, fishing and other antics of our celebrity pair on the webcams!

3 responses to “The holy trinity!”

  1. Sheila FE

    How lovely that it was 33 who let the cat out of the bag! Well done Maya and 33!

  2. rosemary Johnson

    Why haven’t we had any recent update on the satellite tagged sprays?