The joys of incubation……

The joys of incubation, ospreys sitting,  the occasional fish and the odd intruder to be seen off.

Both the male and female are involved in the incubation and both have brood patches, the female generally spends more time incubating and always takes the night shift. The share of incubation is usually about 80% by the female and 20% by the male. If a male incubates for shorter periods it does not means he spend more time fishing he just spends more time perched.

We have had an afternoon of intrusions which has caused unrest at the nest, with the male constantly in the air to see of the intruding Osprey and Maya sitting tight on the eggs. The video shows 28 with Maya on the nest as an intruder comes to the bay.

One response to “The joys of incubation……”

  1. Peter Pritchard

    Good to see 28 had returned to the nest this arvo, and doing his duty at the nest, was there a fish tho?