The Manton Bay saga continues

Another day of intrigue. With 5R’s mate yet to return, 5N  again spent much of the day at the Manton Bay nest. She also made two fairly prolonged visits to  09(98) at Site N (a nest on private land away from the reservoir), suggesting that her mind is by no means made up. With 00(09) waiting in the wings – she has spent quite a bit of her day on the vacant Lagoon 4 nest on the Egleton reserve – it is sure to be a very interesting weekend. The Lyndon Visitor Centre is open from 9am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday, so why not come and see the drama unfolding for yourself? For a taste of what to expect, here’s a video of 5R and 5N on the Manton Bay nest.

For a detailed who’s who of the main characters in this intriguing drama click here.

One response to “The Manton Bay saga continues”

  1. Gayle M Whalley

    Once again thank you for keeping us updated, hope Mrs 5R returns and more importantly that 5N chooses 09(98). Earlier last year he was a bit of a pain at Site B, but after seeing his migrations I am praying that he gets the chance to pass on his longevity, persistance and character to a future generation.