The Master Fisherman’s hard at work

Hi! Today I have been doing some work with the Rutland Osprey Project for my work experience, and heres my report from today. Beth Parker, Uppingham Community College.

5R’s been busy fishing with varied success, heres some pictures from John of 5R’s unsuccessful catch earlier. You can see the splash from the fish in its lucky escape from 5R.

5R just about to hit the water.

The unsuccessful catch, you can see the fish’s ‘plop’ as it makes a quick escape.

5R’s plunge

5R as he hits the water

5R fishing at Manton Bay

However the family got together to pick on a perch. Now that 1J’s flying you won’t see the family together in the nest for much longer.

One response to “The Master Fisherman’s hard at work”

  1. Andy, London UK

    Great photos.

    Where has 3J gone? I’m worrying like a helicopter parent here.