The Nature Detectives visit Lyndon…

Throughout the year Rutland Water Nature Reserve offers a host of activities for families and children, including the chance to become a nature detective! Over four days there are four different themes and this is the perfect opportunity to learn all about our native wildlife. After a day of ‘Brilliant Bugs’ today is ‘Amazing Ospreys’ and we are joined by Will and Carol from the Egleton education team and 12 children who are here to learn all about these fantastic birds.

The day begins at 10am with a talk about Ospreys and why they are so special, as well as some footage from when the chicks hatched. I never tire of the moment when the first chick was being fed by the female as it sat with it’s wobbly head next to two eggs. We move the footage on a few days to show the children how quickly the chicks grow. We come to the 5th June, simply known as the bream…

After the gasps of amazement and “WOW”s we move through the weeks, showing various other highlights of the season. We show the children all the enthusiastic wing flapping and helicoptering before the chicks make their first flights. We  are able to show the 11 weeks since the first chick hatched in only a matter of minutes…technology is amazing! Will then tells the group all about satellite tracking and how they will be able to follow the Osprey’s migration down to West Africa. They are all very excited – the perfect time to go outside and do some radio tracking.

Later in the day they play all sorts of games, including the favourites – the migration and fishing games. The perfect end to the day was a walk down to the hide to see the Ospreys for real. When the children return they tell us that Ospreys are “amazing” and “really cool”…fantastic! They are all really looking forward to the next two days of ‘Pond Dipping’ and ‘Bird Safari’ and they all are very happy campers when they leave. A job well done!

For more information about all the activities at Rutland Water Nature Reserve please contact the education team on 01572 770651.

One response to “The Nature Detectives visit Lyndon…”

  1. Lynette Foster

    Husband promised to take me up to MB this season but it is now getting too late for sightings of the ospreys so hope to make it next year. Will try and get up and look around generally sometime in the future. Thank you for all the work you are doing there.