The one and only

There can only be one Mr Rutland! As of 17:30 this afternoon, the prestigious 03(97) is home!

That bird is nothing short of amazing. He’s superb. Wonderful. Unbelievable. Last year we nearly lost him, due to a wing injury he had sustained during the season. Had we not provided fish for him he would surely have perished, as his injury was too severe for him to fish for himself, or even to fly. After a little over a week, he seemed a lot better, and when the time came to migrate, his wing looked practically back to normal. Even so, we all harboured concerns about his strength and his ability to survive the arduous 3,000 mile journey to his wintering grounds.

Well, clearly he surpassed our expectations, and granted all our wishes! He not only made it to West Africa, but he made it back! I cannot describe how utterly thrilled we all are. We owe so much to this incredible Osprey – without him the Rutland Osprey Project would not be the outstanding success that it is. He is undoubtedly a superstar.

03(97) must have been hungry, because, instead of going straight to his nest, he visited the fish farm first! He is now safely back at the nest on which he has bred for the past fourteen years. Here’s to a successful fifteenth season for this eighteen year old Osprey.

03(97) sitting with a drooping wing, next to a fish we provided

03(97) with his injured wing, next to a fish we provided

03(97)'s wing looking a little better

03(97)’s wing looking a little better, July 2014

28 responses to “The one and only”

  1. Pip

    so pleased for you all

  2. Suzie

    Welcome home our Star!

  3. Valerie

    Kayleigh you said ‘He not only made it to West Africa, but he made it back!’ but of course his winter home may just be Spain or Portugal or ….. whatever and wherever it is wonderful to have him home but not ALL ospreys go to Africa 🙂 xx

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      Quite right Valerie, I should know better than to make assumptions! However, the fact remains that he is a super bird who deserves our admiration.

  4. Jane Williams

    Great news for you all! What a player!

  5. Sheila Elliott

    I am so pleased for you all.

  6. Valerie

    Absolutely Kayleigh I dont want to take anything away from his return – awesome that he is back , let the show begin 🙂 love to everyone and many congratulations xx

  7. Mike Simmonds

    It is indeed fantastic.Even more so because this was the first year I helped on the translocation project and so watched over him.

  8. Teresa Chadwick

    Brilliant news, so pleased, can’t wait to see the birds on the nest and webcam. Here’s to a happy and successfull year..Enjoy:)xx

  9. BecOwl

    So pleased he is back safely. A truly amazing bird. Looking forward to visiting the new Waderscrape hide soon.

  10. Paul Cremins

    Fabulous news What a guy! Defies the odds

  11. Anthony

    Let’s hope maya is soon back and shoves that goose off her nest
    Well done MR Rutland and the osprey team

  12. terri

    wow, just wow!

  13. Kathryn Fryer

    My son bought me an afternoon osprey cruise for Mother’s Day, so this is exciting news. Looking forward to seeing this amazing bird, plus his new family (fingers crossed)!

  14. Peter Pritchard

    Fantastic news, really pleased to hear that 03 is home

  15. Chocoholix

    I am thrilled that 03(97) has made it safely through another winter migration and back to Rutland. What a geezer! Thank you for the fantastic blog!


    i missed it by 15 minuets today wish id stayed that little longer, great day anywaY THANK YOU ALL X

  17. Paul Cooper

    Brilliant news. Will visit sonos as we can.

  18. Nick Gordon

    Absolutely fantastic news, and I’m especially delighted for all of you at the project!! 03(97)’s return is particularly pleasing this year, given those concerns as he left last autumn as to whether he would recover sufficiently from his injury – well we have our answer now!!!
    Looking forward to more returnees, and will hopefully see some of you again in the summer – let’s hope it’s another successful one!!

  19. Paul Lapworth

    That’s quite an emotional update! Welcome back.. 🙂

  20. Jo Kelly

    This is so exciting and I heard it on Rutand Radio this morning and it gave me goosebumps, never done this before but will definitely take a more active interest now and the webcam is fascinating! Never though I’d become a twitcher!

  21. Ann Moore

    Really glad to see him back safely.

  22. Bill Hunt

    It’s still mind blowing that the ospreys can migrate to and from Africa every year!
    Welcome home Mr Rutland!! Can’t wait to see Maya back at Manton Bay, she surely has to be the next one home to evict the geese 🙂

  23. Sam Hartley

    I am one very excited seven year old….welcome home Mr Rutland!
    So looking forward to seeing the chicks this year….make us proud Maya, see you soon ??

  24. Vic Arnold

    Well done Mr Rutland.

  25. Rita Legett

    Such good news. 🙂

  26. mary brown

    so wonderful, feeling very humble right now, wonderful to see this

  27. Hilana Steyn

    YEAHHH!!! Well done to see him strong on his way….! High five …for Nature!