The only way is S6

It’s been an exciting day – S6 has been making her presence known in Manton Bay again! We did wonder where she may have gone, as she hasn’t been seen around here since she returned on 25th April, nor have we had any reported sightings of her elsewhere. Well it turns out she’s still here! It all happened at 13:17 – 33 was incubating, and Maya flew into the nest and began to mantle whilst looking skywards. As her mantling gained in ferocity it was clear another osprey was getting too close for comfort. Just how close was proven seconds later when S6 landed on the nest! 33, who up until that point had still been sitting tight on the eggs, was then spurred into action and rose off the eggs to help Maya defend against this audacious young female!

S6 lands

S6's ring

S6 was only on the nest for about six seconds before getting the obvious hint she wasn’t welcome, but she hovered above the nest momentarily before 33 flew up to see her off. Peace resumed immediately and Maya got back onto the eggs, then 33 returned and they swapped over again.

It’s good news that S6 is still in the area, as we are hopeful that she’ll discover one of the several unattached males that are around, and settle down for next season.

There had been an intrusion about an hour earlier, at around 12:10. Maya was incubating when 33 alighted on the nest and began mantling. Both birds were looking up but neither got overly upset – Maya didn’t even mantle, indicating this intruder didn’t come near the nest or present any threat. Perhaps this was also S6.

During this first intrusion episode, 33 had gradually crouched down lower and lower whilst mantling, so much so that he ended up practically sitting down in the nest. So, naturally, after the intruder had gone, he decided he would just stay there!


Another big trout was delivered to the Manton Bay nest yesterday evening at 19:39! That’s a total of three fish for the pair yesterday. Two of them were very small, though. Generally when the birds are incubating and only feeding themselves, they need around one to two fish per day, depending on the size. 33 knows his job and as soon as he has chicks to feed he will be catching many more per day! It won’t be long until they hatch – last season the first egg was laid on the same day as this year, 4th April, and the first chick hatched on 14th May – 40 days later. So we can use this as a guide for this season. Of course, there is no guarantee it will follow the same pattern!


Sticks and hay clumps have featured on our screens again today, as we would expect – not a day goes by when they don’t! Here’s a graceful stick delivery from 33.

33 with stick

Maya added several nice big clumps of hay to the nest, here is she is flying in, you can see her coming!

Incoming hay

Recently, you may have noticed that all of the videos show the ospreys flying into the nest from behind the camera, as opposed to flying directly towards it. This is due to wind direction, as birds like to fly into the wind, and it particularly helps when landing. Over the past couple of days the wind has been blowing from a more easterly direction, as you can see from the waves in the water! This means that the birds will choose to circle around the nest to land. It also means that they face into the wind when incubating and sitting on the nest, as it’s a bit more comfortable for them.

Facing the wind




4 responses to “The only way is S6”

  1. Mike Simmonds

    Thank you Kayleigh and good to see S6 in the area. Amazing how these birds seem to be able to avoid detection!

  2. Jane

    Lovely update.never a dull moment in Manton Bay.
    Very sensible are Maya & 33.LM(12)from Loch of the Lowes learnt that facing into the wind was sensible while incubating the hard way after the wind tipped him up.

  3. Christine Hines

    I am so pleased to be able to watch, the lovely photo shots of Maya, and 33, it is a joy to see, thank you for your photography, of the nest, and,all the happenings, going on,and hope all the eggs, will be productive.

  4. Bill Hunt

    Thank you for the regular updates, I’m not able to watch the nest so often now and that makes the blog an invaluable resource. Great to hear S6 is still around and so great to see Maya and 33 doing what they do best, build a nest and nurture the next generation! Excitement is rising as the hatching dates draw nearer…..will they hatch as far apart as they were laid? Will no.4 get a fair share of fish? It’s still just amazing to think we have 4 EGGS!