The Perfect Storm!

Who would believe that there is only one week to go until June!

It has been a truly dire day in Rutland today with temperatures resembling those of mid-winter, howling North Easterly winds causing waves reminiscent of the North Sea and torrential rain driving into the hides. But, as usual, the Manton Bay ospreys have taken it all in their stride. As too, I must say, have our hardy volunteers who have remained at their watch points throughout the day, so thank you to all of them for their dedication.

In the brief respites between downpours the Manton Bay female has been feeding the three chicks on a trout which 5R brought in this morning.

She has only been feeding them for small periods at a time as she tried to balance the need for them to eat and that of keeping them warm and dry. With the remains of the trout stuck in her talons the Manton Bay female covers her brood, protecting them from the elements. At times she was hunkered so low in the nest the volunteers in Waderscrape hide could only just see her.

Over the last few years that we’ve been watching the Manton Bay nest we’ve noticed that 5R likes to turn his hand to domestic duties. He’s proved this was still the case throughout incubation as he sat on the eggs for long periods of time. Well this afternoon, as the weather broke and the sun did it’s very best to shine, the Manton Bay female briefly left the nest, 5R found himself in the nest with half a fish and three hungry mouths, and not one to miss an opportunity, he attempted to offer his offspring some of the fish.

Fortunately, with our first cruise of the season tomorrow, the forecast for the Bank Holiday is set to improve – well lets face it, it couldn’t get much worse could it! There are still spaces on tomorrows cruise, if you would like to join us for a balmy evening aboard the Rutland Belle click here to book your place.

One response to “The Perfect Storm!”

  1. Suzie Russell

    First a huge thank you to those who braved the horrid weather yesterday! It was so good to see the three chicks feeding well this morning … the level of care displayed by their parents is amazing. As a complete novice in this field I would like to ask you for a brief update on their development … is it as you would expect? … are they doing well?
    Thanking you in advance!