The Rain in Spain

It’s the first day of World Osprey Week! 30(05) graced us with her return on the first day of WOW last year (which was 24th March). However, this year she is going to make us wait a little longer!

We didn’t know what to expect 30(05)’s position to be today, after previous data showed that she had travelled 1,000km (621 miles) in two days, and on Saturday she travelled a further 327km (203 miles). As she was making such good progress, it was possible that by yesterday evening she could have already been in Southern France.

However, as of this morning, 30(05) is still in Spain. Yesterday she travelled only 240km (149 miles).

We took a look at the weather maps and the reason for 30’s slow progress is due to bad weather over Spain, in particular heavy rain. As you can see from the maps below, the forecast is not good today, or tomorrow, which means that she is unlikely to make significant progress until later in the week, when the forecast looks better.

The weather today

The weather in Spain today

The weather tomorrow

The weather in Spain tomorrow

Yesterday 30 set out just after 6am and headed north. After about 115km (70 miles), she turned sharply eastwards instead of continuing on the heading she was on. This is good news because, had she continued to travel due north, she would have had to cross the Bay of Biscay. As it was she flew quite sedately eastwards at a speed of about 20kph (12mph) and came to roost 121km (75 miles) north of Madrid.

30's movements on 22nd March

30’s movements on 22nd March

30 roosted near a large reservoir called Embalse de Linares del Arroyo. She arrived there at 4pm yesterday, and there she stayed for the rest of the afternoon, probably fishing and seeing out the bad weather. She roosted just west of Maderuelo.

30 spent Sunday afternoon at the Embalse de Linares del Arroyo

30 spent Sunday afternoon at the Embalse de Linares del Arroyo

That’s the latest position we have for 30, but we hope to have more information from her satellite tracker soon. We will keep you updated as to her progress, and that of the other WOW Ospreys, when we receive the data.

Don’t forget you can follow the progress of all of the WOW Ospreys on our interactive map!