The Rutland Water Ospreys – now available to pre-order

As we reported on the website a couple of weeks ago, we have just finished writing a book about the project. The Rutland Water Ospreys will be published by Bloomsbury on 14th March next spring and you can now pre-order signed copies from us for just £18 – a saving of £2 on the recommended retail price. And if you pre-order direct from us, then you have the added benefit of knowing that, thanks to Anglian Water, 100{aebb832937d1885646bba593f8f1074bbe61a552c8a5f5d60514d6f049ed1f58} of the proceeds will be going back to the project. Postage is free to all UK addresses, but if you are ordering from abroad, please email us first so we can advise you of shipping charges (which vary according to location.

The book is a celebration of our work at Rutland Water, telling the full story of the project, from initial conception on a cold winter’s day at Rutland Water, to the establishment of the breeding population we have today. We cover everything, from the translocation of chicks to monitoring the first breeding pairs and tracking the birds on their epic migration to West Africa. We also explain how the project has had a lasting legacy away from Rutland; its influence on the re-colionisation of Wales, paving the way for other translocation projects in Spain, Italy and, most recently, Portugal and our recent work to link communities along the migration flyway. The book is superbly illustrated throughout by John Wright’s wonderful artwork and photographs and there are also contributions from some of the volunteers who, over the past sixteen years, have dedicated more than 100,000 hours to the project.

 So, to pre-order your copy, click here and then select ‘buy now’.