The season has started!

It’s most definitely springtime, today! The Rutland Osprey Team is back for another season, the sun is shining over Lyndon, and the feeders are positively heaving with Finches, Buntings, Tits and Tree Sparrows.

And that can mean only one thing: the Ospreys will be back at Manton Bay, Rutland soon!

The opening date of the Lyndon Centre is Monday 17th March 2014. From here, you’ll be able to see the birds (when they get back!) for yourself from one of our hides, as well as chat to our lovely staff, and maybe treat yourself to an ice cream (or two!).

To celebrate the return of the birds this year, we’re running a bit of a competition. We want you to guess:

What day will the first Osprey arrive back at the Manton Bay nest?

We want your guesses on the arrival date, to the nearest hour (e.g. 8th March, 13:00). You can either comment on the bottom of this blog post, or let us know via Facebook.

The winner will receive 2 x Osprey Cruise tickets on the Rutland Belle, and a signed (!) copy of Tim Mackrill’s The Rutland Water Ospreys.

Only one entry per person! The closing date is Midnight on the 16th March, provided the Ospreys haven’t already returned!

Good luck!

Manton Bay nest in 2013

Manton Bay nest in 2013

When you come and see us this year, you’ll be greeted by some old, as well as new, faces. Here’s a bit about the team:

Kayleigh – “This is my first season at Rutland Water. I spent last season at RSPB Loch Garten in Scotland, and enjoyed being a part of the wonderful world of Ospreys! In my role as Osprey Project Information Officer, I am very much looking forward to meeting you during the 2014 season here at Rutland.”

Lucy – “This year, as Outreach Officer for the project, I’ll be running a lot of the children’s educational activities at the Lyndon Reserve, as well as some fun events for families and birders alike. We’re going to be heading into schools, working with volunteers and making sure that the next generation of naturalists get the most out of their time with the Osprey Project.”

Paul – “Back for my 9th season with the Rutland Ospreys. This year I shall be taking overall responsibility for the day-to-day running of the project at Lyndon. I am looking forward to seeing many of the old faces, along with many new ones, and you can be assured you will get to know all the news about our 2014 West Africa trip.”

We’ll be adding more information about the Osprey Project team, too, and you’ll be able to read their personal updates from the Osprey Project on the blog.


Kayleigh, Paul & Lucy


70 responses to “The season has started!”

  1. Jill Wenble

    19th March 11.30am

  2. Dave Cooke

    I estimate the 21st March at 17:00

  3. Jill McNally

    17 March 12.45pm

  4. Brian Levitt

    The Ospreys will return on 12th March at 8.20am

  5. bryan tew (tewbirds)

    HI ALL. ITS THE 18/3/14. 7AM. FOR ME

  6. David Tough

    21st March at 12.47

  7. Leanne

    20th March at 11am 🙂

  8. Thomas

    The first Osprey will arrive back on 22nd March @ 10.00 am.

  9. Rosie Shields

    14 Mar 1035

  10. Mike Coleman

    First in, 17th March 15:15

  11. Mike Simmonds

    Best wishes for another great season.

    19th March,12.45pm

  12. Valerie Webber

    March 22nd at 2.30pm 🙂

  13. Celia Martin

    My guess…. 16th March 16.30

  14. Kate

    March 18th 10.08a.m.

  15. Antony Pooles

    20th March at 6pm

  16. Shee spinks

    I think March 25th at 14.15 hrs.

  17. Jill McNally

    March 23rd at 12.50pm

  18. Christine James

    March 22 at 16.00

  19. Stuart king

    March 20th at 15-30.

  20. David Chalk

    28th March at 14.30