The second egg

As you will have seen, if you have been watching the webcam, there are now two eggs in the Manton Bay nest.

At first 28(10) was a bit reluctant to incubate; he was picking at the nest material and just looking down at the eggs. This was certainly a new experience for him, but by lunchtime he was taking to incubation more confidently, as the video below shows.

We are hoping that Maya will lay the third egg tomorrow or Monday.

28(10) with the two eggs

28(10) with the two eggs

One response to “The second egg”

  1. Lorraine Gittins

    So amazing to see how Blue 28 is getting the hang of things now.
    Bless him it so obvious that he is a novice 🙂
    I hope the third egg is laid tomorrow or very early Monday.
    Maya is such a reliable female for her times between eggs 🙂