The sun still shines

Another glorious sunny day! This weather is wonderful. The sun brings out the butterflies, and there have been peacocks, orange-tips, small whites and many more fluttering gracefully around the meadows. I’m told the weather won’t last the week, so enjoy it while it does!

Maya enjoying the sun with one eye closed

Maya enjoying the sun with one eye closed


We have more exciting news! Last week we wrote that 8F(12), the two-year-old from Manton Bay, had been spotted in Essex. We hoped that he would pay a visit to the Bay, and on Thursday we are 95{aebb832937d1885646bba593f8f1074bbe61a552c8a5f5d60514d6f049ed1f58} sure that he did! He was photographed by Monica and Tony Shooter, and the photographs are great, but the ring number is just not quite clear enough for a conclusive ID. It does look like it could read 8F, and it would seem very likely as he had been positively identified in Essex last week. We can only hope he comes back and stays longer next time!

The Manton Bay Osprey pair have had a fairly lazy day again today. Who can blame them in this heat? They visited the nest every so often, but spent more time perched around the Bay in various places. 33(11) likes to sit in the dead tree by Waderscrape Hide, which gives visitors to the hide a wonderful close-up view, and provides an excellent photo opportunity.

One of them did have to chase off an intruder though, as the nest had a visit from an audacious Egyptian Goose this morning! A movement on the screen caught my eye, and I looked over expecting to see an Osprey, but instead saw a goose! The intrepid intruder stayed on the nest for only a minute or two, before one of the rightful owners of the nest came swooping in and chased the interloper away.

Naughty goose

Naughty goose


33(11) had a couple of unsuccessful fishing trips, then finally caught a big trout at about 14:15, which he proceeded to eat on the T-perch. An hour and a half later he finally brought it to the nest and they did a swap over.

Apart from all that it was a pretty quiet day!

Maya and 33(11) on the nest this morning

Maya and 33(11) on the nest






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  1. Dolly Cox

    At least they seem to be bonding. Enjoy the rest of your summer Maya, and 33/11.