The three musketeers! 150th Chick!

What a terrific Tuesday! I arrived at the center to open up this morning, with the phone ringing as I stepped in through the door. Tom and Ann Price, our vigilant volunteers stationed down in Waderscrape hide, had been watching our ospreys from dawn for any signs of another new arrival. Tentatively they suggested they’d seen a third head pop up out of the nest as Maya came down to feed the two chicks…  went back through the footage on the webcam and found…

3 bobbing heads calling for fish! This was fantastic to see and I trawled back through the footage to catch a glimpse of the hatching event…

The best estimate I could make was when Maya was shifting bits of egg shell around the nest at about 22.58 last night, the chick had presumably hatched underneath her! This is a particularly poignant moment for the Rutland Osprey project, as it marks the 150th chick to hatch at Rutland water since the project began. This is a remarkable achievement by our birds to have produced so many healthy chicks, and a showcase of how hard the Osprey team have worked over the years to improve the profile and productivity of these incredible birds in England. It is really only fitting that our celebrity pair should win the title of 150th chick, as they have delighted many visitors, members of the public (and staff of course!) with their brilliant parenting skills, charisma and personality, which we have watched closely on our webcams. Maya and 33 will have their work cut out with these three hungry mouths, and we hope all four will hatch, we will have to wait and see if the three musketeers become the fantastic four!

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One response to “The three musketeers! 150th Chick!”

  1. Julie Childs

    A momentous day! Such brilliant birds and a joy to be able to be part of their lives in this way. Thanks, as always, to the Rutland team.