The three musketeers fledge!

A beautiful sunny morning at Manton Bay, the waters still as a mirror, not a cloud in the sky.. a perfect stage set for the possibility of flight..

It had been a very busy morning, parents Maya and 33 flying back to the nest more frequently to check on the two fledglings 055 and 054, who fledged on wednesday and thursday this week. 054, the oldest chick, appears to be the most confident and curious of all our chicks. We might start to recruit her as a nest camera technician, as you’ll see from the video she’s got a keen eye for technology!

054 flew off the nest and went and sat on the camera perch for a little while, making her siblings more restless to do the same. 055 soon made the decision to get up and about for the morning too, flapping his strong wings into the air and taking off.

Soon, 054 left her perch in front of the camera and joined her brother in short flights around Manton Bay, along with Maya and 33, occasionally perching in the fallen tree behind the nest. It was a beautiful morning, and 056 and 057 stayed preening and relaxing in their newly spacious nest, able to spread their wings out fully with two less feathery siblings nearby.

With a few encouraging return visits from Maya and 33, 056 began to show signs of restlessness too, and at approximately 7.15am, the moment arrived, our second male Osprey left the nest! An emotional moment, as the three musketeers were reunited in the air again, leaving the youngest rogue to her own devices once again!

It might be another day or so but we will very soon have empty nest syndrome at Osprey HQ, so if you want to catch sight of our fledglings enjoying their first flights around Manton Bay and getting used to their wings, you better get down fast!

Our favourite part of today by far has been this rather photogenic photobomb by 054 sitting very close to the camera perch! Wait for it….

2 responses to “The three musketeers fledge!”

  1. Paul Anderson

    Great to see the above webcam images. Thank you. I am one of your regular visitors to the reserve. The fledglings were taking short flights in the evening of 5th as well. Especially one (054?)between 18:06-18:16 as I photographed them – this fledgling was practising its fishing technique but on several occasions was perilously close to ending up submerged. But am pleased to say returned to the nest with a stick in its talons around 18:16pm. You will have its triumphant return watch by 2 fledglings on your webcam.(Other fledgling was in the old tree behind the nest at the time.

  2. Linda Kontol

    Thanks so much for the videos and info that you post for our beautiful Rutland Osprey family!