The two of us

The hatching of the first chick is always a highlight of any Osprey season and so by the time I went to leave the Lyndon Visitor Centre on Saturday evening, it had already been a great day. Then it got even better. I received an unexpected call from volunteers Mick Lewin and John Spencer in Waderscrape hide saying that they thought the second chick was beginning to hatch. Sure enough when I looked at the screen I could see a wing emerging from the egg!

Maya was very restless, shuffling around on the nest – which was hardly surprising given what was happening underneath her! Slowly but surely the chick emerged…

Nearly out

…and an hour later it was fully visible.

Osprey chicks usually have their first feed a few hours after hatching and both chicks were fed by Maya yesterday evening.

Soon after first light this morning 33 caught a trout at Horn Mill Trout Farm and the two youngsters enjoyed an early morning breakfast. Then at around 2pm 33 delivered a jack pike to the nest. Maya is an experienced mother and she was careful to ensure that the two youngsters received a fair share of the fish. With such a protein-rich diet the chicks will grow quickly, and they already look stronger and larger than they did 24 hours ago.

Maya took the opportunity to feed herself this evening - it is important she keeps her strength up too

Maya took the opportunity to feed herself this evening – it is important she keeps her strength up too

Two chicks

4 responses to “The two of us”

  1. Fiona Gomez

    What a wonderful weekend! I’ve spent most of it distracted by Osprey nesr cam …burnt the pine nuts I was toasting for the risotto while watching the littlle new ones being fed!

  2. Hanna Middleton

    Great blogs and photos!!!! Thank you so much!
    Sad news about the nest at Lagoon 4.
    Best wishes.

  3. Bill Hunt

    And now we have all three…..what a busy weekend of hatching. As we have come to expect, Maya is already doing a great job of feeding them. Several weeks of inspiring viewing to come….Bring it on. Thank to everyone for keeping the cameras running and the blogs fresh and informative!

  4. Andy

    And number 3 arrives! Fabulous. Kind of soothes the hurt of Lagoon 4; they’ll have their day yet though.