The wait continues

What a difference a week makes. This time last week we were shivering in a cold northerly wind under grey skies and and today we’ve had clear blue skies and sweltering temperatures. The improvement in the weather could hardly have been better-timed; with the eggs in the Manton Bay nest due to hatch any time, we couldn’t hope for better conditions.

As you will have seen if you have been watching the webcam today there have been no signs of hatching yet, but it could happen any time over the next few days.

While they wait for the eggs to hatch, 5R and his mate have continued to add sticks to the outside of the nest. Today’s video shows the female doing that all-important re-arranging of 5R’s latest offering – more a big lump of wood than a stick!

And so the wait goes on…

One response to “The wait continues”

  1. Ian Fordham

    I am beginning to feel like an anxious grandparent!!
    This compelling web-cam is a thief of time!