The Warm Up

It’s been a lovely warm day on the Lyndon reserve today, the hazy sunshine was coupled with a light breeze, bringing the meadows to life with butterflies and damselflies.  The weather last night was also perfect osprey cruise weather, the water was the calmest I have seen it for weeks. This was ideal for the osprey and we had lots of great sightings, including ospreys fishing.


Down in Manton Bay the chicks look very close to fledging both have been stretching and flapping those beautiful long wings, getting them warmed up for flight.  It’s so exciting to think that this time next week they could be flying round the bay, causing all sorts of trouble!


3AU trying out his wings


One response to “The Warm Up”

  1. Sheila FE

    I love it when they really really want to lift, but they cling on to any nesting material to stop them going! Someone was having a really good go on Friday too. Not long now!