The way it is now

Over the last few days, not a lot has happened on the Manton Bay nest. It has been very quiet and peaceful, with few intrusions, the occasional fish, and of course some more sticks!

Today has been another windy day, and 33(11) has not caught a fish yet. He hasn’t been trying awfully hard though, and has spent quite a lot of time sitting on the nest with Maya. It is nice to see that they appear to be quite settled together, and look comfortable side-by-side on the nest. They make a handsome pair.

Maya and 33 looking settled on the nest

Maya and 33(11) looking settled on the nest

Maya and 33 on the nest together

Maya and 33 on the nest together


Not a day goes by without 33(11) bringing in some sort of new material to the nest. He must have exhausted his supply of large timber though, as today he brought in a strand of bramble! Not the best material for an Osprey nest really, and it took the pair of them a while to figure out where to put it!

Maya smacking 33 in the head with the bramble

Maya smacking 33 in the head with the bramble


The nest is starting to look a bit lopsided. The Ospreys have been positioning most of the sticks at the front of the nest (as we look at it on the camera) and the other side is now lacking in stick density in comparison. The biggest problem with the birds building up the front of the nest is that, if the wall grows too tall, we won’t be able to see into the nest! It looks very colourful in the sun when it has been raining though, there are lots of different hues in those sticks.

The colours of the sticks come up lovely in the rain

The colours of the sticks come up lovely in the rain


It seems that 33′ s instincts to incubate have gone into overdrive, as today he has been seen twice hunkered down in the nest cup behind his sticks, looking as though he is sitting on eggs. He isn’t, we can see that much, and if there were eggs in there Maya would be on them like a shot. He just seems to think there should be some in there by now! He needs to get better at mating first! He still doesn’t really seem that driven to mate, and every time he tries he tends to slide off. Let us pray he gets the hang of it soon, so that one day when we turn on the screen, we will see an egg! Here’s hoping.

33(11) incubating phantom eggs

33(11) incubating nothing while Maya looks on

33 incubating nothing

33 incubating phantom eggs



2 responses to “The way it is now”

  1. Liz Livock

    Thank you Kayleigh for yet another cheery update … even when there isn’t a lot happening! The video with the bramble is so sweet and funny. Even though they are getting late for eggs this year, I hope they continue to bond for the rest of the season, and hopefully return after migration to lay eggs and bring up a family in 2015. Here’s hoping …

  2. Lin Rogers

    Brilliant rhetoric again Kayleigh – thank you so much!
    And, here’s hoping