The winner revealed

It has finally happened – the first Osprey has landed on the Manton Bay nest! We all expected that the first Osprey on the nest this season would be Maya, the resident female. Last season this was indeed the case – she arrived on her nest on 17th March. This season has been different, however. It was not Maya who landed on the nest – she is still not back. There is no need to be concerned just yet, as we know the weather on the Ospreys’ migration pathway has been inclement to say the least.

So who was it who landed on the nest yesterday? Tim revealed the answer in his update – it was 5N(04). 5N is a breeding female who has been back in Rutland for about a week, and is still waiting for her partner to return and join her at her nest site. She also visited the Manton Bay nest last season, along with several other breeding females looking around at other nests.

5N was the first Rutland-fledged Osprey to breed, and it was the Manton Bay nest on which she bred for that first year – 2007. She moved to another site after the failure of her nest in 2008.

5N(04) on the Manton Bay nest

5N(04) on the Manton Bay nest


So there we have it – the first Osprey to arrive in Manton Bay in 2015 occurred at 12:51 on 27th March. This makes the winner of our competition Mr Terry Davies, who guessed the closest time at 14:25. Congratulations Terry! Terry is the winner of two vouchers for an Osprey cruise on the Rutland Belle.

We are all full of hope that Maya will soon return to the Bay, and be joined by 33(11). Keep your eyes on the camera, folks, mine will certainly not be leaving it any time soon!


2 responses to “The winner revealed”

  1. Mike Tew

    the first Osprey to arrive in Manton Bay in 2015 occurred at 24th March 2015 -12.40 Monday afternoon

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      True, but that bird did not land on the nest, which was part of the stipulations. Also, having looked through my notes, not one of the 154 people who guessed a date guessed the 24th!