The young ones

Now is the time of year that we would normally expect to see some two-year-old Ospreys returning. Youngsters returning from Africa for the first time normally arrive late in the season, often not until July. The first of the 2012 brood came home on the 15th May, or we are pretty sure it was him! Since then we have not identified any more two-year-old Ospreys in the area.

That is not to say that they are not here though! Recently we have seen an influx of Ospreys around, some of whom remain unidentified. Yesterday morning an intruder was swiftly seen off from Manton Bay by 33(11), and later in the afternoon there were another two intruding Ospreys in the Bay! The day before there had been three Ospreys passing through the Bay, and two the day before that! There was also a group of five Ospreys spotted from the Visitor Centre at Egleton yesterday!

It is highly possible that some of these birds could be new ones back for the first time, but of course, we can’t say that with any certainty at all! We must wait until we see a bird perched somewhere and are able to read the leg ring, or until John Wright spots one and identifies them by their markings. Some of our birds are easily identifiable of course – we have 28(10) with his damaged wing, 30(05) with her satellite transmitter aerial, and 30(10) has a broken primary wing feather, so some birds are easy to spot even from a distance. Mostly we need a good close-up though, or John Wright!

In other news, the live camera on the Manton Bay nest was working today, for about five minutes! Here is some footage of 33(11) sitting on the nest not doing very much! Unfortunately a feather is stuck in a web on the lens…