The young pretenders

It is not just England that has been suffering from bad weather recently. Like us, France and Spain have been sitting under a veil of low cloud, mist and rain. As a result, many of the later-arriving migrants – Garden Warblers, Whitethroats and Lesser Whitethroats – have all arrived at Rutland Water later than usual this spring. We’ve also had to wait longer than might otherwise have been expected for our three year-old Ospreys to start returning. Although 00(09) beat the poor weather by arriving in late March – incredibly early for such a young bird – the three 2009 males we identified in Rutland last year were almost certainly delayed by the weather in southern Europe. And they aren’t the only ones – Rothiemurchus, the three year-old Osprey that we saw in Senegal in January, is still in France. Excitingly though, two of the Rutland males have finally made it back. Over the past few days two different male birds have been seen intruding at Manton Bay and Site B and John Wright has identified them as 03(09) and 06(09) – both birds we saw last year.




Although it is too late for either 03 and 06 to breed this year – three year-old males rarely do – there is every chance that one of them will pair up with 00(09) before the end of the summer. With AW(06)’s mate also unpaired following his failure to return from the Ivory Coast, we hope that one of the males will settle with her later in the season too. For the time being though they are more likely to make a nuisance of themselves by intruding at the established nest sites. The Who’s Who of Rutland Ospreys has been updated, for more information click here.