Then there was one

There is now only one remaining osprey in Manton Bay! 33 has been alone since Maya left yesterday morning. She flew off south at around 08:40, and she has not returned. 33 spent the rest of yesterday holding onto half of a fish and not moving much, perhaps waiting to see if his mate would reappear. He is still with us as I write, and has been in and out of the bay all day, much to the delight of hopeful osprey-watchers!

We don’t expect 33 to stay here on his own for very long. In their first year together when they did not breed (2014) Maya departed on 7th September, and 33 left the very next day. Alas, we knew that eventually they would go and leave us osprey-less.

He hasn’t left yet though! The Lyndon Centre is still open until Sunday 11th September, so if you hurry you may still be in with a chance of seeing an osprey in 2016!


33 (photo by John Wright)

4N7A7206---Male-33 4N7A5093---33-with-Tench-again



2 responses to “Then there was one”

  1. Liz Livock

    Thank you Kayleigh. Lovely blog and fabulous pictures.

  2. Jenny Cartwright

    Lovely photo of 33, gorgeous bird, thanks for you blogs Kayleigh.
    Our two remaining birds at THREAVE, Black 80 and Wee Girl departed on Monday.