There’s a storm comin!

Midweek madness is a term banded around Osprey HQ office a fair bit, and it seems to have become almost guaranteed that something weird and wonderful creeps in when we’re only halfway through the week! Peering through our porthole at the weather outside today, to would appear the elements are having their own private rave: rain, winds and a sharp chill gripping the waters of Manton bay… and as we know from looking at the dark clouds whirling above, there’s a storm comin’, and it’s going to be a cracker! I refer of course to the imminent egg hatching dates, which are predicted (read: betted on furiously in the office!) to be this week. It wouldn’t surprise me if the eggs hatch today, on the most inconvenient of days, in the cold and rain and miserable conditions! Poor Maya has been sat with her clutch since the early hours, having her feathers soaked! 

Yesterday 33 and Maya exchanged incubation duties a little and added a few choice bits of timber to the nest, but other than a bit of spring cleaning all was well at Manton! 

And so we wait with baited breath, with, of course, the webcams choosing the vital moments to be down again, but we will keep you posted as soon as anything happens!