They’re off and look who’s back!

The latest from our Three Peaks Challenge is that the team have now started their ascent of Ben Nevis! After a morning spent visiting the Loch of the Lowes Osprey Project they set off at 3.30pm this afternoon. They are hoping they will be back down by about 8.30pm this evening and then all aboard our Tim Norton sponsered minibus and straight down to Scarfell Pike which, if all goes according to plan, they will start to climb at 3.30am tomorrow morning! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for regular updates on their progress.

This is them just as they are about to begin Ben Nevis… 3 mountains and 24 hours to go. Wish them luck!

Meanwhile, back in Rutland…

Late this afternoon the Manton Bay pair were mantling in the nest and our volunteer in the hide confirmed there was another Osprey over Manton Bay. With quite a few of the three year old birds back and with 28(10)’s arrival last week there have been more and more intrusions at the nest so we assumed it was 28(10) back again. However, there is a posibility that the intruding Osprey today could have been 24(10) the bird which has been seen down in Hampshire recently. Another volunteer in Shallow Water hide is fairly certain that they saw it’s ring number and has got a picture which will tell us more once we are able to see that. The bird hasn’t been seen in Hampshire for a few days so it a distinct possibilty. I’ll keep you posted!

Also, last night John Wright and I were out checking on one of the other nest sites and saw 00(09) which is fantastic news. She is a bird who was around a lot in Manton Bay at the beginning of the season, after a while she disappeared and arrived a day later at the Dyfi nest. She hasn’t been seen for a couple of weeks since then and we were wondering where she might have got to. It’s a great sign that she has returned to Rutland, it will be interesting to see if she settles down for the summer now or whether she disappears off again!

One response to “They’re off and look who’s back!”

  1. Monica & Tony

    Sorry to disappoint, the intruding Osprey was not 24(10). Our pictures show it was again 28(10) who was flying around the Bay.

    Our congratulations now to the Three Peaks Team on completing their challenge for a worthy cause, well done.

    Regards Monica & Tony