Things spring brings

It’s only the end of January, however, we all know how time flies, and it won’t be long before the ospreys are flying back to the UK! Work continues on the Osprey Project to get everything ready for the start of the new season. The Lyndon Centre is due to be opened to the public on 11th March. Last season, the Manton Bay ospreys were two of the earliest arrivals, Maya on 21st March and 33 on 27th March. The year before, however, they both kept us waiting until 6th April!

The webcam will be back online in time for opening, so we can all watch and wait for the first of the pair to return. As these two don’t appear to stick to regular dates, there will be a wide window of opportunity for their return. Perhaps it will be even earlier this year…

Work is still on-going on the Lyndon reserve – our hardy team of volunteers have been out in all weathers and temperatures, cutting, raking, chopping, burning, weaving and having fun too!

Roy Edwards (1)

Clearing the pathways (R. Edwards)

Roy Edwards (2)

Willow coppice stools (R. Edwards)


Spring is always a season of hope and expectation, with the excitement of the ospreys’ return rewarding our patient anticipation (OK, not always patient). The return of the ospreys is just one of the many great occurrences that transpire as winter edges into spring – the greening of the trees, an increase in birdsong and activity, early flowers and warmer temperatures are just a few of the things we have to look forward to in the coming months.

The Osprey Project hosts several events throughout the season that begin in the spring. Our first event is a bird-ringing demonstration on 22nd April, accompanied by a cooked breakfast! Then on 6th May we are running our annual dawn chorus walk on the Lyndon reserve, again with a breakfast to reward the early morning!

ringing-168x300Lyndon reserve at dawn

Our most numerous and popular events are our osprey cruises, where we embark on a boat tour of the reservoir, with the aim of seeing ospreys flying and fishing. Cruise vouchers were a really big hit before Christmas, as, due to the fact they are not date specific, they make excellent gifts. Vouchers are still on sale, because even though Christmas is over there are still a number of occasions gift vouchers could come in useful! Click here for more details about our cruises.

The Rutland Belle at sunrise before we set out on our latest early crusie of the summerThe Rutland Belle

Exciting times are approaching! Stay with us as we wait for the stars of the show to arrive back home.


Maya waiting for 33 to arrive last year

33 with a new stick

The pair settling in together