This nest is my nest

It has been fairly quiet in the bay today. Maya left her perch by the nest at around 07:30, and didn’t return until after 4pm! She was probably taking some time to visit other nests in the area, as most females do when they return before their partners. She returned to Manton Bay at around 16:15, and when she landed on the nest it was clear she was unhappy. Her behaviour suggested another osprey was around, and sure enough we caught a glimpse of another bird on the wide angle camera, and volunteers monitoring from Waderscrape hide confirmed the presence of another osprey. Maya mantled on the nest for a while, looking up and chipping, and flew off several times to chase the interloper away, before landing back on the nest. Eventually, she chased off the intruder for good, and went off to catch a fish.

It is likely that, if Maya did go and visit some other nests and one was occupied, she may have upset the rightful owner of the nest, who then chased her and followed her back to the bay. This happens often at the beginning of the season before pairs settle down, and usually results in the birds going happily back to their own nests.

Here are some videos and photos from Maya’s brief period on the nest this afternoon.

Flying inMantling



One response to “This nest is my nest”

  1. Shirley and Tony Hawkins

    Lovely to see Maya back.We are in Sotogrande at present sitting on a balcony overl Looking Gibraltar.seeing birds of prey but alas no osprey
    Home this evening
    See you on Wednesday
    Shirley and Tony Hawkins