Three at last!

On the 10th April, just after 7am, Maya laid a 3rd egg – 3 days after her 2nd egg, and on the same date that she laid a 3rd egg last season! As the sun rose over Manton Bay, we were treated to a great view of all 3 eggs when Maya shifted her position, as the hay that 33 had been bringing to the nest in clumps had been slightly flattened.

About 50 minutes later, 33 bought Maya the remains of a fish and we got another great view of the eggs – it wasn’t long though before more hay was bought in and the eggs were hidden from view again!

Incubation usually takes 5 -6 weeks so we are expecting chicks in mid-May. The chicks will hatch in the order the eggs were laid, as long as incubation is consistent.

33 flew in with a fresh perch for Maya early this morning, which she gratefully flew off with. 33 then settled down on the nest and then set to arranging the hay over his back! It looked like he was trying to camouflage himself, or maybe he was just getting himself and the eggs extra cosy by creating a hay blanket? Whatever the reason it was very sweet to watch!

An osprey was seen flying high over the nest this morning, but not close enough to bother our pair who remained unflustered below. The weather has continued to be perfect for incubation, with no rain or strong winds, and Maya and 33 seem content, regularly taking turns to incubate. Here’s hoping the next few weeks pass by as smoothly as the past few days 🙂

Sunrise over the nest, 11th April

Sunrise over the nest, 11th April

2 responses to “Three at last!”

  1. David

    More excellent clips. Thank you!

  2. Bill Hunt

    Seems like a long time since the first egg arrived, but what a treat to see no.3 is there as well! Thanks for bringing all these great moments into the blog, my limited viewing opportunities have meant I miss them live.

    But what is 33 up to? Trying to hide from Maya so he can incubate longer? Whatever the reason, it’s fascinating to share the private lives of theses beautiful birds.