Three Chicks in the Nest

Yesterday the third chick decided it would wait until after I had published my blog to hatch, in fact as I was sharing the blog on social media, Maya stood up to reveal the third chick. 

Today has been a great day with all three chicks in the nest being fed by Maya; this morning 33(11) captured a gigantic roach which Maya soon took off him too feed to the chicks. 


Maya also took some time out, returning to the nest all wet, presumably from taking a dip in the bay to cool off. 


We also had some excitement at midday, when two unidentified flying ospreys (UFO) were spotted over the Manton Bay nest, understandably 33 and Maya were not too happy, but after only a few seconds the pair of UFOs were gone and Maya resumed feeding the chicks. 

Just in the last hour 33 brought in another fish, this one decided to put up a fight and even without a head was giving Maya a little trouble. Please do not watch this video if you are squeamish.  

2 responses to “Three Chicks in the Nest”

  1. BillHunt53

    We’re off on another amazing journey, 33 seems to be catching fish for fun, but I’m sure those tiny chicks can’t eat ALL that fish….can they?
    Thank you for the blogs and video clips I love catching up after work.