Three chicks and two fish

Now that there are chicks, the live nest camera view has taken on a new dimension! The zoom enables us to get up close and personal with the three tiny chicks, and with the aid of this we will be privy to every detail of their rapid development. It’s fantastic that all three chicks look strong and healthy, and they all look about the same size, which is brilliant as there is often a small one due to the asynchronous hatching. Having said that, the smallest chick still has an excellent chance of survival, as long as there is enough food to go around, and there is no shortage of that!


Now that incubation is over, the roles of the adult ospreys have changed. Maya no longer takes turns to be on the nest, she is there almost constantly (she still needs to stretch her wings and bathe, but she’s never away for long). Her role now is to maintain the chicks’ temperature, i.e. keep them warm when it’s cool, shade them when it’s hot, to protect them from potential dangers and to feed them with the fish that 33 catches and brings to her. 33’s role is now purely fishing, and fishing more than he did before, as he now has three extra mouths to feed. He can do this easily, though, and has demonstrated he is a super fishing machine, again today some fish were left on the side of the nest, and the chicks spent most of the day sitting next to a half eaten trout and roach!


Three chicks and two fish!


He still likes to spend some time on the nest, here he is with the chicks today, whilst Maya went for a bath.

Hi, Dad!

Hi, Dad!


33 also continues to bring sticks and re-arrange them. He dropped a stick right over the chicks today, but luckily it didn’t touch them, and he soon moved it.


Stick moving


There was a bit of excitement this afternoon, as an intruding osprey was flying around Manton Bay. Maya was getting agitated on the nest, crouching over the chicks and shouting. Then 33 flew in to help defend the nest, and another osprey was hot on his heels! As expected, 33 easily chased away the interloper and peace was resumed. Whilst this was happening, the three chicks were happily sleeping, with no idea what was going on!

The intruder



2 responses to “Three chicks and two fish”

  1. David

    33 was lucky that Maya didn’t get after him for that stick drop! I know what would have happened at my house…..

  2. Joyce Stokes

    Very pleased all seems to be going well..