Three’s a crowd

As Tim mentioned this morning, we have had another exciting day! At one point we had four Ospreys in the bay! First of all, male Osprey 28(10) was hanging around eating a fish. The female was food soliciting, but 28 didn’t take any notice. Perhaps in frustration, she left the nest and came back with a large fish head, which we think she must have picked up off the shoreline. This is quite unusual behaviour.

Soon after, another Osprey did land on the nest, but it wasn’t 28, it was 25(10), a female Osprey who has visited the Manton Bay nest once already. She hung around for a while, then it seemed that 25 and 28 were trying to oust the Manton Bay female from her nest! Our poor female has had a lot to contend with recently! Another Osprey, 01(09), was also spotted in the bay, but he didn’t stick around for long.

Here is a clip of the Manton Bay female and 25 on the nest, and a couple of screen-shots. Tomorrow we will have much better photographs of the action from John Wright. 

25(10) on the nest, Manton Bay female protecting fish

25(10) on the nest, Manton Bay female protecting fish


25 and MB female on nest


We can confirm that all of the breeding Ospreys from last year are now back, save for 5R.



One response to “Three’s a crowd”

  1. steve boulter

    Amazing to see all of this as it happened. I hope
    I did ok on my first solo shift?