Thunderbolts and lightning

As Lizzie reported a couple of days ago, the three Manton Bay juveniles are growing increasingly confident on the wing and venturing further away from the nest each day.

It’s just as well their confidence is growing, because over the past 24 hours they have been subjected to the kind of weather that can have serious implications at fledging time. After several days of glorious sunshine, Rutland was subjected to violent thunderstorms overnight and then again this morning with two inches of rain falling in less than 12 hours. Many fledgling birds will not have survived such extreme weather, so it is a relief to report that all three of the Manton Bay juveniles (and Site B) are present and correct this evening. What’s more, the weather forecast for tomorrow is much better.

Despite the weather 5R has delivered several fish to the nest today, including the trout in the video below. Even when there is plenty of food to go around, subtle hierarchies always develop in Osprey nests and this year is no exception. 1J may have been the first of the family to fledge, but he is no match to his larger sister, 2J. Take a look at the video to see what I mean – she really wasn’t going to give up that fish!

One response to “Thunderbolts and lightning”

  1. SmileyRose

    They all seem to be thriving very well despite the weather conditions. LOL she definitely wasn’t going to give up that fish. 🙂