Thursday updates

It’s been a miserable week all around Rutland water, and we’ve been watching Maya and her brood closely to make sure they’re managing ok in this weather. Osprey chicks are sturdy birds however, and seem to be growing well still despite all the wet weather and wind.

This morning, 33 brought back a large fish to the nest and this was welcomed by a very eager Maya and the chicks, whom she fed for almost an hour! As per usual, the three eldest siblings rushed in to get their fill, and then lay down with full crops, leaving the fourth chick complete access to the food source, and got a good full meal.

Hopefully the weather will improve over the weekend!

4 responses to “Thursday updates”

  1. Sarah

    Love seeing these updates. Thank you so much. How much longer before they learn to fly?

  2. Julie Nicholls

    What perfect parents Maya and 33 are. Hopefully gentler weather is on the way.

  3. Jaye

    Behaviour witnessed at 12:46 – 12:48 today and several times over the past few weeks. Is this greeting or defence? Today, and several times over the past few weeks, I have seen Maya and 33 together on the nest and they are clearly looking up into the sky, stretching up to make themselves look larger, flapping their wings intermittently, especially 33 and they also look as if they are calling or making noises. Today this only went on for a couple of minutes but last weekend I watched for 8 or 9 minutes. The pattern of this behaviour has been the same each time, especially with the adults seeming to look into the sky and scan around. I’m intrigued as to whether this is part of the usual communication/greeting between the adults or defence from a threat. They don’t appear to be ‘mantling’ the chicks, as we are used to seeing them do when there’s a threat, but they seem to be in a defensive mode. Any answers, anyone?