Time is a healer

T6 has been sitting on the edge of the nest for most of the day again today. However, she has not seemed in distress or unhappy, she has been alert, watching the goings-on and calling loudly for food. She has been fed several times again today by Maya, who still takes control of the fish 33 brings in. His favourite flavour at the moment appears to be tench. He went through a period of catching lots of tench last season, and due to the fact they are bottom-feeders, he must have access to a shallow water stash!

We were surprised to see T7 standing patiently to the side as Maya fed T6 in the above video. We expected her to muscle in and attempt to steal the fish or get Maya to feed her, but she made no move to do so and seemed content to wait her turn. This was great for T6 as it meant Maya fed almost the whole fish to her!

T6 tends to stay in one place a lot due to the apparent difficulty she has in putting weight onto her right leg. The injury could be from any number of things, from crash-landing, getting caught in something, or just a strain or sprain. We have been able to zoom the camera in and ascertain that her ring is not causing her any problems. We cannot tell if the issue is her leg, hip or foot, but she is doing the right thing in not using it much. As long as she is getting food, which she is, she will be receiving all the necessary nourishment and fluids, and, in addition to resting the limb, in time her injury will hopefully heal.


T6 before fledging

T6 before fledging



3 responses to “Time is a healer”

  1. Jenny Cartwright

    So glad T6 seems to be improving, how similar the cases are with her and Ceri at Dyfi.

  2. Patricia Turner (Dublin)

    Thanks for the blogs. Good to know that T6 is being cared for and appears to be recovering.

  3. Christine williams

    So sad but hopefully the rest and a v good mum will see her right. Bad luck the see the Dyfi nest also experiencing a similar injury. Fingers tightly crossed for them both.