Time spent in Manton Bay…

Osprey Project Field Officer John Wright has spent many hours in Shallow Water hide over the past few days. Here are some of his fantastic drawings and photos of the Manton Bay family as well as a visiting juvenile Marsh Harrier…

3 responses to “Time spent in Manton Bay…”

  1. Liz May, Canada

    John: This is a lovely collection of photos & sketches. You are to be commended. My favourite is the female bathing sketch where she is chest deep in the water. I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed the cam & blogs from Rutland this year. Many members of our Village Forum have visited & really enjoyed the experience. We are now following the tracked birds on Google Earth & all looking very forward to next spring when hopefully all our favourite characters will return for another season. Thanks to all the Rutland gang for bringing nature right into our homes all over the world. It has been a pleasure.

  2. Steve george

    Spent the day around Rutland water. Had my closest ever view of a kingfisher then amazed watching a peregrine chasing birds. To round it off I watched two ospreys from the shallow water hide ( not sure which ones). Told it was either 32(11) 5r or unnamed female??? Hoping for a red kite on the drive home to Bristol…best £5.20 spent in a long time!

  3. carolrhodes

    Beautiful art work. A wonderful record of the Osprey season at Rutland. Some of our wildlife village forum visited Manton Bay on 8th July and were fortunate to see the Osprey family. We have followed closely. What a friendly place your visitor centre is. We were impressed by the amount of work you do with schools. It was a shame about the webcam but hopefully all will be well next year and the Osprey will return once again. Thankyou.