Time to go

We have some exciting news – 30(05), our satellite-tracked female, has begun her autumn migration! She set off on Monday 31st August, at roughly 10:00, and in just two days is already in Spain! Her location as of 12:00 today was roughly 75 miles (120km) west of Madrid. We will have more detailed information to share at the weekend, including maps, but for now it’s great to know she’s on her way!

30 is a very well-known Osprey, due to our ability to follow her migrations. It was thanks to the data from her tracker that some of the team were able to locate 30 on her wintering grounds last year in Senegal. 30 was unfortunate last year and the year before, in that she did not manage to find a mate and breed, after the failure of her previous partner to return. We were very happy this season that 30 found a new partner and successfully raised two chicks. In fact, it was fitting that 30 was the parent of the 100th Rutland chick! 

30(05) 30(05)'s chicks                                   30(05)                                                              30(05)’s chicks


Don’t forget, you can join us to celebrate the fledging of 30’s child by clicking here!

In Manton Bay, the latest news is that S3 has gone! She has not been seen 08:00 this morning. The weather has been pretty reasonable today, with a good north-westerly wind – an ideal day to begin a southward migration. 33 and Maya remained in the bay together all morning, then at 12:00, 33 disappeared. We will have to wait and see if he returns this evening. If he doesn’t, then Maya is the last remaining Manton Bay Osprey of 2015.

Keep your eyes on the news to find out what happens! There is still time to visit the Lyndon Centre before the last Osprey leaves!

S3 on the nest - what a beautiful scene

The last picture of S3




3 responses to “Time to go”

  1. Freda Hayes

    i am 81 and don’t go to Nature reserves now ,so it’s a pleasure watching the Ospreys on my I/pad. The web cams are wonderful..thanks to all the team.i will keep watching for news.Freda

  2. Freda Hayes

    Thanks to all at Rutland I love watching the web cams

  3. Ann Creasey

    It’s been an absolute privilege to watch these wonderful birds from their arrival in April, the eggs appearing then hatching, the progress of the young and their first flights, – especially Maya following the first one on his maiden flight – and finally their departures this week. Many thanks to all the team for a brilliant job! A safe journey to all the wonderful Ospreys and a safe return next spring. Well done everyone!