Time waits for no Osprey

It has been a gorgeous day here at Lyndon, a cool breeze this morning but the sunshine was strong. The reservoir has looked like a mill pond, with hardly a ripple! Soon the meadows on the way to the hides will be full of wild flowers – some are already starting to bloom, and the warm weather brings the butterflies out in their dozens!

Osprey-wise, it has been a fairly quiet day. 33(11) caught a fish in Heron Bay this morning, much to the delight of watchers from the Centre. After eating his share, he brought the rest to Maya.

28(10) was seen again today – he passed over the Bay at about 12:00, and 33 took off pretty swiftly after him. It could have been 28 returning again that caused this defensive behaviour by 33 (see video) later on in the afternoon, at about 15:00.

33(11) did attempt to mate with Maya today, but without success. This seems to be the way it’s going at the moment, which doesn’t bode well for second brood hopes. It is looking less and less likely that Maya and 33 will manage to produce a clutch this season. Time is moving on, and they do not seem to be bonding particularly well. If they were to produce eggs before the end of May, they would need to be getting on with it pretty soon. Unfortunately, there just may not be time now.

If they stay together for the rest of this season, their bond will hopefully strengthen, so that next year we will see them back at Manton Bay to breed.