Times up, it’s my turn now!

We had our first Osprey Cruise yesterday evening and what a great start to the season. Despite the ominous looking grey cloud we had fantastic views of 5R fishing over the reservoir, he dived down a couple of times quite close to the boat but pulled up just before hitting the water. He moved back towards the nest before catching a fish and taking it back to Manton Bay, as confirmed by our volunteer Mick in Waderscrape hide.

If you would like to join us on one of these thoroughly enjoyable evenings you can book your place on our website or by speaking to one of the Osprey Project team on 01572 737378.

The first Osprey Cruise of 2012

5R has been making the most of the last few days of incubation at the Manton Bay nest today. After a successful fishing trip first thing this morning he happily sat on the nest for over an hour and a half until his mate came and nudged him off.

At about 4pm he bought another fish back to the nest for his mate and is now incubating again. Have a look at our webcam to see how long he lasts this time!