To B or not to B?

There was a fair bit of Osprey action in the Bay today, 33(11) caught a fish right in front of Waderscrape Hide! He was sitting happily on the dead tree to the right of the hide, then just rose lazily up, dropped into the water and emerged with a fish! The visitors that were lucky enough to be in Waderscrape Hide at that moment were blessed, and very happy! 33(11) ate his half, then delivered the rest to Maya on the nest, who flew off with it.


Later on, 33(11) attempted to mate with Maya again. Recently he has been reasonably successful, but it didn’t work out for him today! Maya didn’t look all that interested, and sort of shrugged him off.


33(11) spent more time on the nest today than Maya did. Here are a few screen-shots of his visits.

33(11) sitting in the nest




I was lucky enough to spend part of this morning at Site B with Ken Davies. It was a lovely couple of hours, great company, peace and quiet, and great views of an Osprey family! It was brilliant to see the Site B pair together at their nest, and the heads of the chicks popping up when 03(97) brought in a fish and the female fed them! Ken will be writing another chapter of his Site B diary for your enjoyment tomorrow, so I will leave the details to him, and just say that I had a very enjoyable morning!