To me…to you!

With the chicks taking up much more space in the nest there wasn’t much room for 5R to manoeuvre an awkward stick around this morning.
One of the chicks looked frustrated by being knocked about by the stick as 5R tried his best to tuck it out of the way. Clearly not impressed by his housekeeping efforts the female moved in, clobbered him on the head and had a go at repositioning it herself.
After a bout of tug of war they finally seemed content with its location in the nest.

This afternoon 5R went back to what he does best and bought in a medium sized Pike for the youngsters and the female. He will probably head out again this evening to find a meal for himself.

One response to “To me…to you!”

  1. Sue Doran

    I love these little highlight pieces that you put up every day. I watch the nest on the webcam for a few minutes several times a day and often miss the very best bits that you capture here. Have so enjoyed seeing the little ones grow up, it will be an exciting time when they fledge. Thank you.