Comings & Goings

Both adults and the chicks have been keeping us entertained in the Lyndon Visitor Centre today.

Earlier this afternoon there were a couple of intruders in Manton Bay. John was in Shallow Water and identified one of them as the female 24(10) and the second was a male who didn’t come into the bay, and so he remained anonymous. The two birds briefly landed on the nest in Heron Bay before being seen off by 5R(04)

As the parents both took off from the nest to see of the intruders you can see the chicks following their movements with their eyes; it’s as if they are watching a game of tennis.

During this afternoon’s downpour the Manton Bay female spread out her wings to cover all three of the chicks, protecting them from the wind and rain. It’s quite impressive that she can still almost cover all three of them entirely given the size of them now!

The Manton Bay female sheltering the chicks from the rain

Here is a little clip from yesterday when one of the chicks stood up briefly before falling back down head first, it entertained us and we thought you might like to see it.

3 responses to “Comings & Goings”

  1. Rosie Shields

    Aha! The reason he fell over was the shift in his centre of gravity due to his “toilet break” . At least he was trying to aim out of the nest.

  2. Mike Simmonds

    Lizzie that’tennis’ video is amazing !.

  3. Sue Doran

    Fantastic clips, overbalancing one very funny, I laughed out loud at my computer! I haven’t managed to watch the webcam much over the last couple of days so it was great to catch up on the highlights. 🙂