Too full to feed?

Apologies for the fact that the webcam was down for much of today. We had problems with the wireless transmission, but fortunately that is all now resolved.

If you’ve been watching the camera since we got it working again this afternoon, you’ll have noticed something quite unusual. Yes, that’s right, we had some sun! The nest has been bathed in glorious sunshine for much of the afternoon, meaning that for the first time this week, the female hasn’t really had to brood her offspring.

As the video below shows, food once again hasn’t been a problem today. In fact the chicks were so full by the time they had a feed this evening, that they were hardly able to hold their heads up! Once the two larger chicks have had their fill, they flop down onto the nest, allowing the youngest to have an uninterrupted feed. At a nest like Manton Bay where food is plentiful, this hierarchy isn’t a problem, but at sites where food is harder to come by, the youngest member of the brood can sometimes become a runt. Fortunately there are no such problem for the Manton Bay family…not with a master fisherman like 5R around!

2 responses to “Too full to feed?”

  1. Anni Feeney

    How exciting to see the progress of the chicks in the last week while we’ve been gone! I’ve been having osprey withdrawals with no internet access! The baby in the nest is growing quite fast like its siblings 🙂

  2. Suzie Russell

    I just have to say a huge thanks to Tim and the team … the regular ‘news’ enables me, a total osprey novice, to enjoy their development with joy rather than unwarranted concern. Great to know that the youngest member of the family is doing so well.