Too good to be true

As I promised yesterday, today we have another superb video to share with you, filmed by John Wright from Shallow Water hide in Manton Bay. This excellent film highlights some of the best bits of the Osprey action that has taken place recently. It makes for fantastic viewing – S3 almost knocks out a swan, then gets chased by a grebe! Check out the slow motion effect when Maya is dive-bombing the heron, and in the last shot, keep your eye on that second goose…

It’s brilliant stuff. Both John and Dave have done an exemplary job this season of providing us with fantastic footage of the Ospreys in Manton Bay. This year really has been fabulous – everything has gone perfectly this season, just like clock-work, which is exactly what we all hoped for after the agony of last year’s failure. Having a breeding pair and three beautiful, healthy chicks has been absolutely amazing. The Manton Bay Ospreys have brightened our days with their funny and heartwarming antics.

Most of these memorable moments have been caught on camera, and can be viewed by looking back through our website updates. We have also created a ten-minute video which documents all of the best bits of this season, and goes through a timeline of what has occurred. You can watch this video on our big screen at the Osprey Project stand at the Birdfair this weekend!

Also at our Birdfair stand, you will have the chance to: hear all about our innovative work for Ospreys in the UK, along the Ospreys’ flyway and on their wintering grounds in The Gambia; become the proud owner of one of our special Osprey books; find out about how you can get the best possible views of Ospreys at Rutland Water; donate a football shirt for our Africa Project; make an Osprey badge to proudly wear all day; and talk to our friendly staff and volunteers! You will find us in OD2, next to the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust stand. Look out for our big Rutland Ospreys banner!


Over the Birdfair weekend (Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd August) the Lyndon Visitor Centre will remain open until at least 7pm. This gives visitors to the Birdfair plenty of time to come across to Lyndon to see the Ospreys, chat about them and visit the shop and centre. There will be volunteers in Waderscrape hide until 8pm. Please note, the car park will be locked at exactly 8:15pm. 

As of today, we still have all five Ospreys present in Manton Bay!

S2, 33 and a trout, photo by John Wright

S2, 33 and a trout, photo by John Wright