Tree huggers

Yesterday and last week the work party team at Lyndon were working hard on the reserve once again. Last Monday was a perfect day to be working outdoors on a beautiful nature reserve – this photograph by Sarah Box really shows how frosty, crisp and bright the day was!


(Sarah Box)


The team have been busy recently working on an area of the reserve to the right of the Lyndon centre, coppicing sections and clearing either side of the track that leads to Swan hide. One of the tasks was to recoppice an area of small hazel. This is now complete, with all the coppice stools protected by chicken-wire, to protect the new shoots from being nibbled by squirrels, rabbits and muntjac deer! This area of hazel will now be able to regenerate slowly, and the extra light afforded to the woodland floor will allow plants to flower in the ground layer.


Protective fences around coppice stools (Photo by Roy Edwards)


(Photo by Sarah Box)


There were also a lot of tangled, overgrown trees and shrubs in this section of the reserve, and the team did a great job of getting in there and tidying it up a bit! We untangled intertwined brambles, and branches of trees that were growing too close together. The densely packed trees were thinned out to enable proper growth, and any unsafe or overhanging material was removed. The piles of brash and debris from this work was moved away from the sides of the track, and a dead hedge was constructed at the back of one of the coppice plots. Some of the smaller material was thrown onto the fire, and the bigger, straight(ish) bits were used to make the stakes to build the wire fences, and other bits will be used as stakes for hedgelaying and willow weaving.




sarah-box-12th-dec-5 sarah-box-12th-dec-6




Now, these work parties are not just about hard work, although that plays a big part, of course. Mondays at Lyndon are also about having fun! This Monday was the last work party before Christmas, so we made sure there were crackers, mince pies, a Christmas cake, Christmas jumpers and silly Christmas hats!




What is Paul showing Barbara? (SB)


Jan’s Christmas cake! (SB)


We love the work we do, and the environment we do it in. Often conservationists are referred to as tree huggers, which some find derogatory. Well we say why not?! We love trees so let’s hug ’em!


Kayleigh & Maureen showing a bit of love to an ash tree (SB)


No tree is too small to be hugged! (SB)


Whilst some were busy hugging trees, others preferred, erm, sitting in old troughs…!


Paul Stammers in a trough (SB)


It can never be said that we don’t have a good time!

Thank you sincerely to every single one of you for the time and effort you’ve all put in at these work parties, we really enjoy them and your hard work is massively appreciated and makes a huge difference to the reserve. Thanks also to Sarah and Roy for the photos, Jan for the cakes and Paul for the soups!

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas! We’ll see you again in the new year.


“I really want to hug this…” (SB)